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Loueva Hatfield, M.Ed. holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Duke University as well as a master’s degree in educational supervision and administration from the University of Houston-Victoria. She is a Texas certified Special Education teacher as well as a certified principal and True Colors facilitator.

Mrs. Hatfield’s career spans the last thirty  years and includes work in both public and private educational arenas. She has been a teacher, Special Education Director, Special Programs Director as well as Executive Director of a residential treatment center for children with emotional, behavioral, self-help, sensory-motor integration and cognitive challenges including those on the Autism/PDD spectrum.

Mrs. Hatfield is well versed and experienced in working with children and adults with learning differences as well as in training and supervising adults in their efforts to provide quality, researched-based programs in an effective and efficient manner. Mrs. Hatfield maintains a working knowledge of federal as well as state laws and initiatives related to the provision of care, treatment and services to special needs children and their families. She also enjoys her work as a life coach, motivational speaker and licensed True Colors facilitator who thrives on helping others reach their full potential as individuals and members of collaborating teams, marriages and families.

To carry out its mission, Hatch’s contracted providers include experienced professional educators, program specialists and independently certified/licensed practitioners including BCBAs focused on creating conditions for success and growing wise.

Meet the Founder & Director - Loueva Hatfield, M.Ed.