Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapy

Referrals for these clinical services are made to and provided by our community partner professionals.  These professionals maintain communication with our therapists to assure all services are provided collaboratively.  These services are often covered by insurance.

One of our wise little owls

Working with Hatch, Turtle Wing Foundation provides funding for students needing educational therapies to fill in any gaps in their academic and social skills.  Pictured here is a student who receives the foundation’s support to access the needed services.    She is proud of her progress, and likes showing off her owl cap signaling she is growing wiser every day!  Her mother provides testament to her success and about how she and her daughter are giving back in gratitude.

“I’m so thankful for everything Turtle Wing does for me and my child.   She has really blossomed in her academic and social skills…she loves coming to Hatch, and I love having a center in our rural area that can meet her needs for additional support educationally and financially through its community partnership with this incredible foundation.  To show our appreciation to all those who donate to the mission of Turtle Wing Foundation, at her birthday party last year, we asked her friends to bring checks for Turtle Wing instead of gifts.”

Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior Development

ABA is a data driven approach to modifying behavior and developing language.  These services are covered in certain instances by insurance and are delivered on and off-site.

Direct Instruction Language for Learning, Thinking & Writing

Direct Instruction (DI) is an explicit, intensive, instructional teaching method that allows students of all abilities to become confident, capable learners.

Social Skills Instruction

Social Skills Instruction is the teaching of appropriate interaction skills and includes direct instruction via planned lessons and spontaneous training in a “teachable moment” within a natural environment.

Math & Reading Fundamentals

Fundamentals are catch-up, remedial instruction opportunities including specific therapies for addressing reading concerns, vision therapy program support needs, and state/standardized test performance.


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